Oriental international Labor supplies services

We have been in the business since August 2004 .Our management and staff is highly qualified professional with vast experience in related field. We are registered with Dubai Municipality. Our company’s growth is determined by the level of trust our customers have on our services in UAE. Our endeavor is to capitalize on this trust and provide high end services and upkeep of all areas of labour supplies premises. Within a very short span of time, we have built a formidable reputation in the labour supplying services industry.You demand it. We deliver it.



Our company has business of providing

  • housemaids
  • babysitter
  • Nannies
  • private nurse
  • beauticians
  • female drivers

They are from Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India , Ethiopia , Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria to working under sponsors name (2 years contract).

So why have a full time housemaid maid in UAE? Most residents engage   full time Housemaid service in UAE so that they can have flexible and affordable home help, allowing them to fully enjoy the UAE lifestyle!


Guaranteed Housemaids


We provide guarantee for the housemaid .The guarantee from office is 3 months (include unfit for work, refused to work).

Hiring a housemaid?

For Booking or inquiry you can make contact on provided numbers:-


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For Labour Supply Mr. Kareem Elsayed
For Cleaning Mr Shadi Masoud

Head of Department Oriental International Labour Supply Services

Tel        : +971 4 256 44 99

Fax       : +971 4 256 44 77

Our company has business of providing housemaids, babysitter, Nannies, private nurse, beauticians, and female drivers from