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Oriental Car Wash is committed to creating the best possible car wash and valeting system, Whilst also being the most environmentally, friendly car wash available for the business operator


Oriental car wash specialized in the waterless technology for cleaning vehicles. All chemicals and materials 100% environmentally safe and have no effect on the Environment

Our aim is to provide product and services to our customer to make the easier. We offer quality and value for money with our innovative product giving our customers more time to enjoy their pleasurable pursuits


Oriental Car Wash has been operating waterless car washing services exclusively in the malls, hotels, residential towers, commercial building towers and etc.

The product is completely non-toxic, biodegradable safe to the environment


How Oriental Car Wash Works:


Spray surface lightly by using oriental waterless car wash solution

Clean with micro-fibre cloth

Simply wife off


Technical Jargon

Encapsulates soil by surrounding dirt particles

Easily wipe offs dirt without scratching the vehicle surfaces

Leaves vehicle clean and shiny



As the product is applied and gently moved around the surfaces, It image an electrical field that attracts the already positive charged and coated dirt into a negative charged moving towel. Not only is the dirt swept up into the cloth without scratching the surface, but it simultaneously coat the surface with a high tech layer of proprietory polymer protection.

Leaving an anti-static barrier that prevents your vehicle from attracting dirt and water, and UV protection that will help prevent oxidation and or cracking and discoloring of point finishes, clear coats and decals


The product is completely non-toxic, biodegradable-safe to the environment all around product. You will find that we have revolutionized the way to clean and protect the vehicles

Oriental Car Wash Products


Oriental Car Wash is totally ground breaking eco-friendly environment and user friendly waterless car wash that can be used to clean and polish any vehicle surfaces. This unique pleasantly fragrance formula completely enables the user to clean the full car exterior surfaces. Oriental Car Wash contains many different natural ingredients including special wetting agents, lubricants, unique water-based, polymers and protectants bringing a truly breathtaking formula to the car cleaning, polishing, detailing and valeting world. Totally free from petroleum, petrochemicals derived fragrances, petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solvents and non-aerosols

Oriental waterless does so much more than dust cleaned, polish and shine your vehicle. It brings out the natural brilliant color pigments in your paint work and protects it from both natural and manufactured harmful elements whilst helping to protect our environment. Effortless showroom shine created on exterior paintwork, glasses mirror, chrome, rubber, plastics, hard vinyls, alloys and wood

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) that cleaning a car using conventional car shampoo and water hose, can waste up to 116 gallons of water per car wash.

A comparison 1x500ml oriental waterless will wash, polish and protect your car on average 6 without using a single drop of water or any electricity

Save water, save time and create showroom shine


Oriental waterless Car Wash

A unique and eco-friendly way to wash and polish your vehicle without using a single drop of water


Oriental Car Wash enviro tyre shine

Totally revitalized the luster and the appearance of the tyre and seals against the traffic film, moisture and dust.  Totally free from petroleum, petrochemical derived fragrance, petroleum based hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solvent and non aerosols. Eco tyre shine protects your tyres and help you protect the environment.

Oriental Carwash Leather cleaner:

A uniquely blended and formulated to tenderly care for and gently clean all leader surfaces, Leaving the leader supple and resistant to surface cracking


Oriental Carwash Upholstery cleaner:

A quick acting upholstery which also eradicates heavy ingrained stains and odours caused by drinks, oil, various foods, blood, grease and traffic soiling


Oriental Carwash Fabric Hood cleaner:

A unique and revolutionary formula that totally cleans, freshens and revitalize your convertible soft top, effortlessly producing that pristine show finish. The appearance and fulfillment of owning a sporty cabriolet to behold which can only be spoit by allowing the hood to become grimy and water absorbent


Oriental Microfibres:The finest microfibre cloth we could source incredible soft, non-clog final buffing cloths which buff off wax superbly

Oriental Carwash Services:


Eco-Friendly Waterless Car Wash exterior waterless wash the bodywork, windows and alloys Eco Tyre and wheel shine.


Express Wash and wax

Medium duties express wax to remove surface contaminates and oxidants for shine exterior wash , Eco Tyre and wheel shine ,interior vacuum ,dust dashoard and console.


Fabric Hood Cleaning

Remove grime and ingrained dirt without impairing the appearance of the convertible cars fabric and its suitable for most hoods


Fabric Hood Protection

Provides a supreme weatherproof protection against natural and manufactured substances, protect and cares providing a unique transparent protective coating to soft top hoods


Fabric and upholstery cleaning and stain remover

Vacuum complete fabric and upholstery cleaned using Oriental upholstery cleaner and autolym hi tech cleaning pads and microfibers


Leader Cleaning

A uniquely blended and formulated to tenderly care and gently clean all leather surfaces,Leaving the leader supple and resistant to surface cracking


Leader Protection

Clean using oriental leader cream and protector and autolym hi tech cleaning pad and microfiber


Exterior Detailing

2 stage oriental professional waterless wash with wheels arches and door shuts cleaned with oriental degreaser and hi tech microfiber cloths Wheels cleaned with a PH neutral non acidic wheel cleaner and a selection of special wheel brushes Paintwork cleansed including door shuts pre wax clean.4 Stage Paintwork Correction and Polymer protection Polish Process.

Step 1: Paintwork is pre waxed using Autolym Paint Renovater.

Step 2: Paintwork is polished using Autolym Super Resin Polish.

Step 3: Paintwork is protected using Autolym high gloss ultra deep shine polish, 


Fabric Hood cleansed and protected only for convertible and soft top vehicles.

Tyres and Exterior plastic cleaned and conditioned using Oriental Showroom Eco Shine Rubber seals cleaned and condition

Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and polished Rain water dust repellent window treatment to all exterior windows .All chrome and stainless steel surfaces cleaned, polished and protected.


Interior Detailing:


Remove all large items of litter, Removed all loose dirt working from top to bottom. Vacuuming all loose dirt from seats, under seats, floor mats, under floor mats, side sills, AC, vents, foot wells and trunk. 2Carpets Cleaned using Oriental Carpet Cleaner removes heavy soil and stubborn stains. Upholstery Cleaned using Upholstery Cleaner breaks down surface dirt gently cleansing the upholstery with a soft brush. Vinyl and Leather Cleaned using Oriental Vinyl and Leather cleaner, which rejuvenates and feds vinyl and leather surfaces leaving a mat finished. Glass and windshield polished Hard surfaces, dashboards, rubber door moldings, air vents, panel seams, radio buttons, ash-tray and storage units cleaned.


We can wash, polish and protect an average sized family car in less than 20 minutes using our oriental waterless car wash formula.

Unlike traditional car washing methods using a hose or a bucket often damaged and scratch the paint work of your vehicle. Due to the high salt content of water in the Middle East this caused rapid oxidation of your vehicles paintwork .Our Oriental Waterless car wash does not require water, as we use a special waste and polish technique. Our process uses an exclusive polymer compound which lifts the dirt from the surface of the paint and encapsulates it in a polymer lubricant. We then remove the dirt with high quality Microfiber cloth- and we do this without causing a single scratch on your car. A white polymer residue is left behind; which we polish away with another Microfiber; leaving your car shinning and looking new. Not only have we washed your car we have given it a polish; and with the polymer creating which protects against UV and leaving a longer lasting shine on your vehicle. We usually apply Silicone free Emir tyre Dresser, which totally revitalizes the luster and the appearance of the tyre and seals against traffic film, moisture and dust.


Tray and storage units cleaned using trade sergeant non-oil Oriental multi surface interior cleaner.

Leather or upholstery conditioned using Oriental upholstery or leather conditioner, these reconditions and softness such surface leaving a protective coating to help restore leather and upholstery against cracking and fading this also acts as a UV protector

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